A Survival Guide for Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Reba Buhr

A Survival Guide for Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Reba Buhr

In this episode of Calmly Coping, I had the pleasure of chatting with Reba Buhr, an author, actress, host, voiceover artist, and mental health advocate who’s on a mission to help people overcome barriers to mental health care. She shares her own journey with anxiety and panic attacks, and how she became an advocate for mental health services. We also talked about the importance of breaking down stigma and fear surrounding mental health, and Reba gives practical tips for those new to seeking help, including coping strategies and navigating insurance. This is a super informative and insightful conversation that you won’t want to miss!

About Reba:

Reba Buhr, author of Get Thee to a Therapist, is an actress, host and voiceover artist based in Los Angeles. Reba is also an outspoken mental health advocate. She uses her instagram @get.thee.to.a.therapist to educate people about accessing mental health services and how to overcome the stigma, fear and other barriers to care that keep people from finding the healing they deserve.

When Reba was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in college, she didn’t have the first idea how to approach healing. Now, she’s an advocate for others who suffer from anxiety & panic attacks. Her book is a survival guide for the mental illness newbie.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • More about Reba’s journey seeking help for panic and anxiety- what she did and how
  • How Reba became an advocate for mental health
  • How to cope with anxiety and panic attacks
  • How stress affects your physical health
  • Two main roadblocks that stop people from seeking help for mental health struggles
  • The benefits of going to therapy and learning more about yourself
  • Practical tips on navigating insurance, finding a therapist, and more

Connect with Reba:

Buy Reba’s book, Get Thee To A Therapist: A Survival Guide for Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks from a Girl Who’s Been There: www.gettheetoatherapist.com https://www.instagram.com/get.thee.to.a.therapist/


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