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Stop your to-do list from


hey there!

I'm Tati!

And I’m an anxiety coach helping ambitious, high-achieving professionals create more balance in their lives.

I have 10 years of experience helping hundreds of people transform from struggling, anxious, and stressed, to more calm, balanced, and thriving.

My Master of Arts degree in mental health counseling along with my personal experience overcoming anxiety & overwhelm have given me an edge when it comes to knowing what actually works to get effective, long-lasting changes that result in increased focus, productivity, and life satisfaction.

I am committed to helping hard-working professionals create a more balanced, intentional life.  The question is: are you ready?

"Tati was awesome to work with! I was having such a challenging time learning to balance a full load of very new responsibilities that were on my plate without a balance act to stand on! I was overwhelmed trying to accomplish way too much at once. Once the program was over I was able to tackle my priorities with peace of mind and calm. I learned to maintain flexibility and manage the anxiety that would build up w hen things were not going the way I had assumed they should be going. Joining this program is sure to add a sense of peace to your anxiety and mind."
"Prior to enrolling in this program, I honestly thought that work-life balance was a fictional myth that I kept hearing about, but would never be able to accomplish myself. That's why I am SO GLAD I got connected with Tati because this coaching program proved that achieving a healthy work-life balance is in fact possible! Not only do you get practical tips on how to manage your anxiety, but you also get educated on the science behind anxiety and its associated behaviors, which was very insightful and helpful for me! This is a great program for anyone who feels constantly overwhelmed or stuck in not knowing how to take control of your life. This program is definitely a worthwhile investment towards becoming a better, healthier version of yourself!"

When You and I work together you Can Finally Feel Free And Abundant With Time And Energy

I am opening up limited spots in my calendar for ambitious professionals who are sick of having no work-life balance.

This is exclusively for people who want to maintain and elevate their high achieving work all while prioritizing their mental wellness and self-care.


what it would feel like to...

This is for you only if you’re busy, overwhelmed, and stressed.

That’s because I know you don’t have time to waste on things that don’t work.

You barely have time for yourself, and making time for anything else seems impossible.

I’ve been there.  And what you need is a clear, action-oriented plan so you don’t waste your valuable time.

Here's How You Will Find Freedom From Burnout And Cut The Clutter From Your Mind & To-Do List...

By following my signature Mind-Energy-Self Framework that integrates each component you need to create long-lasting positive change in your mental wellness, your work, and your personal life satisfaction.

My Signature Mind-Energy-Self Framework Takes You From To Balanced, Clear, And Organized.

Phase 0: Foundations

Lay the groundwork for the positive habits that will carry you forward towards lasting change.

Phase 1: Declutter Your Mind

Get to the root of the beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns of anxiety and overwhelm. Learn the skills you need to properly regulate your emotions and start feeling more in control of your choices.

Phase 2: Reclaim Your TIme

Start managing your energy, time, mind, and environment to maximize productivity, focus, and stop procrastinating. Get out of the perfectionism trap and start feeling more confident in yourself and your work.

Phase 3: Put Yourself First

Fully savor the positive and create moments of joy in your day-to-day life by practicing gratitude, indulging in self-care, and treating yourself with compassion in the way that you fully deserve. I help you do all of this without sacrificing your drive and ambitious goals.

You deserve to invest in yourself and be the efficient, focused person you know you can be.

"I just wanna say, I can't possibly thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and talent in such a beautiful, precise way. I couldn't thank you enough." - Anonymous

Freedom From Overwhelm

What's included
  • One 30-minute kick off call to review your needs, answer questions, and tell you all the program details you need to know
  • 12 once weekly 1 hour coaching calls where I will listen to your concerns, thoughts, and guide you in your individualized plan to help you create positive change in your life
  • Weekly information-packed video lessons (that are less than 30 minutes each week) to help you quickly digest the information you need to be more productive and less overwhelmed
  • Journal prompts and weekly exercises to help you implement the positive changes to your mind, energy, and self
  • Chat access to me during the week M-F so I can answer any and all questions and struggles that come up for you! (This access alone is priceless! Think of it as having my brain on loan!)

the steps

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to overwhelm & hello to more productivity, time, and energy for the things you love?
I'm so excited!
Here's How We'll Get Started


We'll get together (virtually) and chat

You will schedule a FREE call with me so I can understand your goals better and you can learn more about my process!

I will give you my personalized recommendations for the next steps that work best for your needs.

If we’re both excited about moving forward and working together then we will discuss the next steps on the call!

Schedule your free call right here!


I will welcome you on board!

You will receive your welcome kit with your contract, a questionnaire, and I will ship you my favorite journal for you to use throughout the program.

I’ll give you access to the library of my complete course materials (videos, worksheets, and PDFs), and our shared Slack channel (so we can communicate via chat).


Goodbye overwhelm, hello to a new you

You will schedule a 30-minute kick-off call with me where I will review your coaching plan, the program details, and we will set up our once weekly coaching sessions where I will guide you and hold you accountable towards making positive changes in your life over the next 12 weeks!

You deserve to invest in your well-being, it will pay off in your personal life, professional life, and in your relationships.

Have Questions?
I've got answers to some of the things you might be thinking...

You must be ready and willing to invest in yourself and your self-improvement before scheduling a call.  I will fill you in on the investment cost on our call, and I can promise you that right now is the lowest my program will ever be because I know it is worth so much more than I’m currently charging!

I totally understand!  I know when you’re already feeling overwhelmed, it can be so difficult to even think about trying or adding anything new to your plate.  I promise you that the intention of this program is to help you cut the clutter and overwhelm from your mind and schedule by getting the root of your struggles.

Just by starting this program you will feel the fog start to lift and stop getting stuck in the endless cycle of mindlessly doing, and start understanding what to do to start removing doubt and overthinking from your days!

This program will only require about 20 minutes per day (this is time for your daily journaling) and about 2 hours total per week for the coaching call and course content.  This time investment upfront will help you put more time back into your day.

I can guarantee you probably spend more than 2 hours per week watching Netflix and scrolling on Instagram.

Does it make sense to spend that time mindlessly ingesting media or improving your life and your mental wellness so that you can get more time in your schedule for the things that you actually love?

I want to give you the best results possible, therefore it’s important for us to make sure we are the best fit possible to work together.

If we aren’t a good fit to work together, I will provide you with alternative resources and my professional recommendations to get you started on the path that best fits your needs!

Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you soon!

I'm ready to kick overwhelm to the curb and become my most productive, Confident Self

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