It’s time to take care of you.

Create a life of increased calm, joy, and confidence.

The Calm & Ambitious Community is the exclusive community for high achievers with high-functioning anxiety.

Are you tired of saying, "Once I get this done, then I can relax"?

And then when you try to actually relax, it’s so hard to actually do?  The thoughts just won’t stop coming, along with the incessant guilt that drives you to keep doing more (even though you don’t want to).  It’s frustrating and so exhausting.


You often overthink things

The thoughts of worry, obsessing over that conversation you just had, and stressing about that meeting you have scheduled next just won’t stop, even though you desperately want them to!


You barely have time for yourself

You’re a high-achiever so you’re always looking for more things to do – more work, more projects, more hobbies, more plans and more responsibilities – but at the same time you’re feeling resentful that you pack your schedule so full you barely have time to rest!


You’re often hard on yourself

It never feels like it’s “good enough” or like you’re “good enough” and it’s exhausting.  You beat yourself up when things don’t go as expected and you just wish you could be happy with yourself every once in a while.

I have good news for you…

You don't have to feel this way forever.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with you for feeling this way.  It’s possible that your high expectations, self-criticism, and ambitious attitude have resulted in the accomplishments you have achieved so far in your life.  It’s just that the way you’re doing things isn’t helping you anymore; it’s only making you feel more stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

You already have so many amazing strengths, they are just being covered up by your fears.

Imagine what it would feel like to…

Feel calmer from within and learn how to actually balance self-care and achievement.

You deserve to take care of yourself and learn the tools and knowledge you need to heal your high-functioning anxiety from within so you can have increased confidence, actual work-life balance, and improved relationships.  Learn how to stop allowing fear to hold you back from what you want in life so you can feel calm and joy from within.

“I feel so much more calm, at ease & at peace with life. I was expecting to find calm in life but Tati helped me achieve something more and much more priceless…learning to find calm within the chaos because life will always have hardships but now I feel equipped and like I have the tools to stay calm throughout any situation.”
– Ziona

Meet your guide

Hey there, I'm Tati!

I’m a high-functioning anxiety coach and a licensed therapist. I know what it’s like to struggle with high-functioning anxiety: feeling constantly overwhelmed, like nothing is ever good enough, and struggling with overthinking and constant self-criticism. It felt like I was unable to escape myself, even though I looked calm and put-together to people on the outside.

When it got to be too much, I hit a breaking point and knew I had to make a change. Along my journey to overcoming high-functioning anxiety and helping others do the same, I learned the common threads that those struggling with high-functioning anxiety (HFA) share and how they can maximize their strengths, while healing their struggles from within.

I know that you might not have the ability to invest in 1:1 coaching or therapy, so that’s why I decided to create a membership so you can still get guidance and support in making positive changes in your life. (And it’s also a great complement to therapy and/or coaching!) I want this to be a community for everybody: those who do not have the access or time for private services, as well as for those who have completed or are currently in private or group programs and are looking for ongoing support, accountability, and inspiration. I’m so excited for you to be a part of this community! 🙂

Tati Garcia
High-functioning anxiety quiz

I know this is possible for you

When you start taking the simple steps of looking within, getting to the root, and positively transforming your thoughts and behaviors, amazing things will happen.


decreased stress and anxiety

When you learn how to manage stress and understand your anxiety, you can finally begin letting go and breathe a sigh of relief, so you can feel calmer from within.


Increased confidence

Being hard on yourself just makes you feel worse!  Practice self-compassion along with positive psychology to recognize and build upon your amazing strengths so you can finally find the peace you know is available.


Improved self-care

You deserve time to relax, unplug, and enjoy life.  Caring for your mental health and wellness will reap dividends in your career, personal life, relationships, and more.


The Calm & Ambitious Community

The exclusive membership for high-achievers who want to feel more calm, balanced, and confident from within.

When you join, you’ll get instant access to:

Success Path

My signature The Calm & Ambitious Success Path Course and quiz and course with all of the simple steps you need to go from anxious and overwhelmed to, you guessed it, Calm & Ambitious from within.

Training catalog

Evidence-based trainings targeted for high-functioning anxiety where you will learn concepts, frameworks, and tools to create positive changes in your life and mind.

Private Community

An interactive and supportive community of people just like you that you can connect with and support, because making positive changes in your life is so much easier when you have people cheering you on.

Live Meetings

Each month we host live recorded meetings via Zoom where you can get actionable guidance and support from myself and peers who are going through similar struggles as you. We will alternate between live interactive workshops, Q&A calls, book club meetings, guest expert trainings, or live relaxation exercises. (The calls are the first Wednesday of the month at 6PM EST.)


Weekly accountability check-ins in the private community to help you implement healthy changes and achieve your goals.

Android & iOS App

Access to the private community, events schedule, and training library on the go via the Circle Community app for Apple and Android.

Meet the members

“I feel like I have a better handle on what’s causing my anxiety and a set of tools to help cope. When I feel general anxiety, I can usually figure out where it’s coming from. My family has noted improvement in my mood. I was a little nervous telling them I had joined the group, but they have been very supportive.”

– DM

“It’s amazing to see how others are practicing self-compassion so I can learn how to better practice it with myself. I’m more confident about my overall mental health because of all the modules I’ve been able to study. I also love that I can go back to the lessons and revisit them whenever I need. I’m so grateful to be a part of this community!”

– Araceli

“My life has improved as a result of the awareness that I now have in my mental health journey. I love our monthly sessions, listening to others going through similar struggles makes the experiences I’m going through not as far-fetched.”

– Tara

You will get access to targeted trainings for high-functioning anxiety to help you care for your mental health and wellness.

Here’s a sneak peak at the community masterclasses.  Each bundle includes a training (about 30 minutes or less each because I know you’re busy) + actionable workbook with checklists and journal prompts.  Plus you will get brand new trainings regularly!

How to stop overthinking everything

How To Stop Overthinking Everything

How to stop overworking and cope with the guilt of relaxing

How To Stop Overworking & Cope With The Guilt Of Relaxing

How to think more positively everyday

How To Think More Positively Everyday

How to set healthy boundaries

How To Set Healthy Boundaries

How to practice self-compassion and challenge your inner critic

How To Practice Self-Compassion & Challenge Your Inner Critic

How To Create Healthy Routines & Habits

How to feel confident from within

How To Feel Confident From Within

How To Decrease Anxious Thoughts & Feelings

How To Decrease Anxious Thoughts & Feelings

How To Get Organized To Decrease Anxiety

How To Get organized to decrease anxiety

How To Be More Present Using Mindfulness

Being A Highly Sensitive Person With High-Functioning Anxiety

How To Manage Unrealistic Expectations For Yourself And Others

How To Manage Unrealistic Expectations For Yourself And Others

Calming Coping Skills for High-Functioning Anxiety

Calming Coping Skills For High-Functioning Anxiety

How To Use Neuroscience To Decrease High-Functioning Anxiety

How To Use Neuroscience To Decrease High-Functioning Anxiety

How To Stop The High-Functioning Anxiety Cycle

How To Stop The High-Functioning Anxiety Cycle

How To Journal For High-Functioning Anxiety

In Addition To Live Workshops & Guest Expert Trainings:

Plus You Get Access To This Bonus FREE!

$27 value

How To Say No To Others So You Can Say Yes To Yourself:
The complete guide for people-pleasers

Learn how to start saying no when you struggle with people-pleasing and guilt from letting others down.

Meet the members

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The Calm & Ambitious Community

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The C&A Community
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You’re a high-achiever who is ready to ditch the anxiety and overwhelm for a calmer, more fulfilling life.

You love learning and are ready to take action on strategies that actually work!

You’re ready to join a membership that has all the information you need to get results.

You have a choice...

You could keep putting off the need to care for your mental health and practice self-care because you don’t have the time or you’re afraid of adding another thing to your plate.

Or you could have a proven, step-by-step plan from an expert in the field to help you get to the root of your struggles rather than just sticking a band-aid on top and pushing through your stress and anxiety.

You could continue the lifestyle of busyness, overworking, and stress, wondering why you just can’t stop thinking all the time and wondering when you’ll finally be able to slow down…

Or you could learn how to relax with intention and ease by addressing your emotions and mental health from within.

You deserve to take care of your mental health, and I know that a calmer life is possible for you.

Yearly Membership

$270 / year
(get 2 months free!)

Monthly Membership

$27 / month

My Complete confidence guarantee

The Calm & Ambitious Community comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I take your personal development very seriously and truly believe that you have the capacity to take care of your mental health. I know this membership will give you clarity, increased awareness, and the skills you need to feel calmer from within.

If you aren’t satisfied, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money. If you feel like you don’t get value from the material, email me anytime within 14 days after your purchase, and I will happily refund your payment. You can also cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Stay for as short or as long as you need the support!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you resonate with high-functioning anxiety, then the membership is for you!

We are accepting and welcoming to any and everybody regardless of sex, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, country of residence, occupation (or lack thereof), age, beliefs, and more I probably forgot to include in this list. 🙂

Think of this as the Netflix subscription for your mental health.  The biggest mistake I see people with high-functioning anxiety making is not taking the proper time to practice self-care and reflection.  When you take the time for these two things, it will have a positive impact on your mood and well-being.  You deserve to take care of yourself, and joining this membership will give you the consistent accountability and tools to do so.  I have a 100% success rate with my clients, and I know I can help you too if you are ready to put in the work to care for yourself. 😊

I know you’re busy, and because of that I like to make my trainings digestable and actionable.  Each monthly training will be around 30 minutes with an accompanying workbook.  You can binge the content all at once, or spread it out over the whole month- whatever works best for you!  But I recommend taking the time to allow the concepts to sink in so you can get the most out of them. 🙂

The monthly live calls are held via Zoom.  You can choose to participate with your video and microphone on, or you can just observe. The calls are recorded so you can revisit them or watch the replay if you are unable to attend live. You can also submit a question in advance to be answered on the call if you can’t attend live. The environment on the calls is very supportive and compassionate. We are all here to help each other!

(The calls are the first Wednesday of the month at 6PM EST.)

Yes!  I know exactly how you feel because I’m an introvert who has struggled with social anxiety, and I know the best way to increase your confidence and overcome the discomfort that might arise in social situations is to face your fears and join.  The members in our community are extremely supportive and nonjudgmental, and there is no pressure to participate if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

First: you can cancel at any time, so if you aren’t finding the membership helpful, no hard feelings!

Second: one of the great features of the membership are the weekly intention setting and accountability posts in the community.  Each week you can set your intention and I will check in with you at the end of the week to ensure you stuck with it!  You will also receive weekly digest emails from the community reminding you to check back in on the content and the conversations!

My courses provide you with the education and tools you need, but are self-paced and lack the support and accountability that can make the biggest difference in your positive transformation. With this membership, you will have ongoing support and trainings for as long as you need it so you don’t have to worry about doing things on your own without professional and specific guidance!

You can access the community via your internet browser on your computer, tablet, or phone, or via the Circle Communities app on your iPhone or iPad.  You will be able to login to the private community using your email address.

My membership trainings dive deeper than my podcast and give you the theory, foundational knowledge, and tools (like journal prompts, worksheets, and checklists) to help you actually implement the concepts I teach.  Change happens when you put things into action, and I’m not going to give you busy work or overwhelm you with information. I give you the fluff-free trainings and tools you need to actually feel better!

Your monthly (or yearly) fee is locked in when you join. If I do raise the price, that will apply to new members only. If you leave the membership and join again at a later time, you will have to pay the new membership fee.

The Calm & Ambitious Community comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I take your personal development very seriously and truly believe that you have the capacity to take care of your mental health. I know this membership will give you clarity, increased awareness, and the skills you need to feel calmer from within.

If you aren’t satisfied, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money. If you feel like you don’t get value from the material, email me anytime within 14 days after your purchase, and I will happily refund your payment. You can also cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Stay for as short or as long as you need the support!

No, this program is not medical treatment nor is it a replacement for seeing a mental health professional. If you are suffering with significant mental health difficulties, you may wish to attend therapy in place of or in addition to this program. Many of our members seek out therapy or private coaching in addition to being a member of the community because they complement each other well. Please feel free to contact me if you need guidance on this matter.

I love connecting with you and answering your questions about The Calm & Ambitious Community. You can contact me here and I will get back to you ASAP!

Imagine your future

What if you felt calmer and happier?

Imagine having all the tools and support you need to take care of your mental health and practice the self-care you desperately deserve.  Imagine feeling happier, calmer, having a balanced schedule, and feeling more confident.

How would that change things for you?  How would that improve your professional life? Your relationships? Your daily mood?

This isn’t just a dream.  You can learn the tools, mindset shifts, and habit changes that can make this a reality, and I don’t want you to miss out.

Join The Calm & Ambitious Community today so you can get started on your mental wellness journey.