You Deserve Balance,
Not Overwhelm

Do you appear calm and successful on the outside, but on the inside you feel burnt-out, overwhelmed, and constantly running on the hamster wheel of busyness and productivity?

I can help teach you the skills and mindset you need to declutter your mind and have more time for yourself and less time stuck in the cycle of never-ending work.

Learn how to feel more balanced, focused, and calm starting today.

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hey there!

I'm Tati

I help busy, high-performing professionals positively change their mindsets to finally start enjoying their lives.

If you…

  • Appear successful and calm to others.
  • Have very high expectations (you put a lot of pressure on yourself).
  • Always need to be busy & you have difficulty relaxing.
  • Have difficulty saying no and asking for help.
  • Overthink and over-analyze things.

Then you’re in the right place!  These are signs of high-functioning anxiety, and as much as these behaviors can serve you on the outside, you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and anxious on the inside.

Think how powerful it would be to develop the skills to have control over your time and feel clarity in your life.  Let me help you get there.

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Join my welcoming & supportive community for high achievers struggling with high-functioning anxiety with exclusive free resources, trainings, support, and tips. The group is free to join!

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Check out Calmly Coping, my self-improvement podcast for high achievers who struggle with high-functioning anxiety. I release new episodes once weekly with my top tips for coping with and decreasing anxiety, stress, overwhelm, while helping you create more balance, clarity, and calm in your life.

client wins

Hi Tati.... I'm such a big huge fan of yours.. I thank you for keeping me sane everyday with your be calm updates.

I really want to thank you for helping me out, your knowledge and voice was very soothing and reassuring.

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Are you ready to say goodbye to overwhelm and start creating a balanced life you love?

Let me guide you away from burnout and overwhelm & towards a balanced and successful life where you actually have the time and energy to be present for the things you love- like reading a good book, taking a day trip, and spending quality time with friends & family.

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