You deserve a break.

I help high-achievers with high-functioning anxiety become more calm, present, and confident so they can finally stop overthinking everything.

Do you have high-functioning anxiety?

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A calm & balanced life begins with taking care of yourself first.

You’ve been hard on yourself for way too long.  You’ve worked so hard to maintain the external appearance of success, calm, and confidence… but the cost is that you’ve been ignoring your own mental health in favor of:

→ Working harder because you constantly put pressure on yourself to do better.

→ Feeling overwhelmed with a to-do list a million miles long.

→ Pleasing others before yourself because you feel guilty.

→ Always doubting yourself and your choices because of your perfectionism.

→ And the constant background noise of your obsessive overthinking that just won’t shut up!

You deserve better.

I want to calm my mind so I can finally relax

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I want to become calm, balanced, & confident

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I want to achieve calm and clarity while unlocking my full potential

Work with me one on one so you can achieve your goals of overcoming the obstacles of anxiety, stress, and pressure to become the focused, confident person you know you can be.

Do you have high-functioning anxiety?

Do you appear calm and successful to others on the outside, but on the inside you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and constantly running on the hamster wheel of busyness and overthinking? Take my FREE PDF quiz and find out + get personalized free resources!

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Calmly Coping is a supportive and welcoming community for high-functioning anxiety where you can ask questions, receive support, and get access to helpful resources!

"This is definitely a worthwhile investment towards becoming a better, healthier version of yourself!"

Prior to working with Tati, I honestly thought that work-life balance was a fictional myth that I kept hearing about, but would never be able to accomplish myself. That’s why I am SO GLAD I got connected with Tati because this coaching program proved that achieving a healthy work-life balance is in fact possible! Not only do you get practical tips on how to manage your anxiety, but you also get educated on the science behind anxiety and its associated behaviors, which was very insightful and helpful for me! This is a great program for anyone who feels constantly overwhelmed or stuck in not knowing how to take control of your life.

Shernice, Phd Student

Meet your coach

Hey, I'm Tati!

I’m a high-functioning anxiety coach committed to helping high-achievers overcome high-functioning anxiety and reconnect with their authentic, calm, and confident selves within.

My goal is to provide you with practical tools, guidance, and education so you can achieve your full potential by taking care of yourself first.

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High-Functioning Anxiety Coaching

Stop struggling, overthinking everything, and feeling like you’re constantly falling short. Get the expert guidance and support you rightfully deserve so you can feel more calm and present in your life.

If you’re ready to finally feel more calm, balanced, and at ease in your day-to-day, then working with Tati is exactly what you need.


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