Is work stress stopping you from enjoying your life?

As a high achiever it's normal to prioritize work and achievement - the pressure to constantly stay busy is *real*. But if it's coming at the cost of your well-being, then something needs to change.

I’m here to show you how to look after yourself without having to sacrifice your success. Because you deserve to give yourself (and your loved ones) as much attention as you do your career.

Does this sound familiar to you?


The problem isn’t you.  Your high-functioning anxiety has gotten you stuck in this cycle and it’s entirely possible to learn the knowledge and tools you need to get OUT and start feeling calmer and more fulfilled with your life. 

If you’re ready to put this behind you, the good news is I can help.

private coaching

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You want help, but wonder if it'll actually *help*

Your Kindle library is full of self-help books, you listen to all the podcasts, have tried meditating, and you’re willing to do what it takes… but you’re starting to wonder if anything is actually going to help.


You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Tired of constantly overthinking things and feeling like it’s never enough? You’re ready to learn how to declutter your mind and be more intentional with your time and choices so you can reduce the overwhelm- no matter how many responsibilities you have.


You Know You Deserve Better

There’s a voice somewhere within you that knows you deserve to feel calmer, happier, and more connected with your authentic self… it’s just buried somewhere under the million to-do’s on your list and tabs open on your laptop.


You’re busy and want to get the exact support you need

Your career already consumes most of your mental, physical & emotional capacity - not to mention your calendar. So you want to get straight to what you need with personalized support where I will direct you to the fluff-free information and exercises that will make the biggest impact.

How coaching can help you

Imagine what would it feel like to…

...or you could stop imagining and make it a reality. Because as your coach, that's what I'm here to help you achieve!


Calm, Balanced, & Confident

This is the exact process that has helped me and my countless clients and students overcome anxiety, burnout, and insecurity as a high-achieving professional (otherwise known as high-functioning anxiety). I have combined my training and background as a licensed therapist with a deep knowledge of psychology and mental health, along with my education and experience in habit formation, energy management, and performance optimization to provide a coaching experience that is uniquely specified to the needs of high performers like you.



Begin by getting to the root of your struggles so you can stop getting stuck in the cycles of overworking and overthinking, learn how to manage difficult emotions, and dissect the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. This will help cultivate feelings of calm and presence.



Effectively manage your time and energy so you can have improved work-life balance and recover from and/or prevent burnout. Learn how to listen to and work with your body’s natural energy levels, get more done in less time by being more intentional with your time, maximize your performance at work, and create sustainable systems that will support you in the long run.



Fully elevate your self-worth so you can feel more confident and good enough from within. Learn how to challenge your inner critic and treat yourself with kindness and compassion, start setting healthy boundaries, practice self-care and healthy habits, and build unwavering confidence by facing the fears holding you back.

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When you start taking care of yourself first, everything else improves.

Improve your mindset, performance, work-life balance, and confidence with private coaching for ambitious professionals

The complete transformation

Calm, Balanced, & Confident Coaching

Whether you are in a place of burnout, a job transition, or just know that you are ready for a deep inner transformation, the CBC package will provide you with the complete customized process, clarity, and guidance you need to get to the root of what is holding you back and create a rewarding life that allows you to balance both achievement and joy.

What you’re going to achieve: We will work through my 3-phase Calm, Balanced, & Confident curriculum to help you improve your mindset and mental health from within, achieve your optimal level of work-life balance, and increase your confidence and self-worth so you can stop doubting yourself.

What’s included:

Your investment: $5000 or 6 monthly payments of $835

The kick-start

Reset Coaching

Something needs to change and you know it- but you’re feeling stuck with where to get started and what to do. You’re looking for a reset to begin practicing more self-care, be more present in your life, and/or cultivate a more positive mindset. The reset package will give you the kick-start you need to unravel the clutter in your mind and uncover calm, focus, and presence.

What you’re going to achieve: In this short-term intensive, we will get laser-focused on the beliefs, emotions, and habits that are keeping you stuck and help you begin cultivating increased presence, focus, calm, and balance in your personal and professional life (in a sustainable way).

What’s included:

Your investment: $3000 or 3 monthly payments of $1000

Here's how we can get started working together...


Schedule a free call

Click on the button below to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with me. You will have to answer some questions first so I can get to know more about you before our call.


Meet with me

I will review your questions and if I determine that we are a good fit to work together, then we will meet for our scheduled discovery call. I’ll learn more about you, your current struggles, and your goals and let you know how I can help you reach them.


Your transformation begins!

Once you sign the coaching agreement and make your purchase, we will schedule our coaching calls. You will have access to me via private voice messaging and I will give you access to the curriculum and exercises you need to start making positive changes!

Get unstuck

Clarity Session

You want to get clarity on your current situation and what is holding you back so you can stop struggling and begin thriving, along with a customized action plan to help you start taking intentional action. If you’re ready to take the driver’s seat in your life so you can cultivate calm and release tension, let’s meet together for a deep dive to help you identify your vision for your life and the tangible steps to help you get there.

What you’re going to achieve: This clarity session will get you out of overwhelm and inaction and into positive changes in your mindset, habits, and self-care with the customized plan I create for you.

What’s included:

Your investment: $350

meet your coach

I’m Tati: Executive Coach and High-Functioning Anxiety Expert.

As an ambitious professional myself, I’m committed to helping high-achievers reconnect with their authentic, calm, and confident selves within.  I personally know the struggles of anxiety, burnout, and putting yourself last and because of that, I am committed to guiding you on the journey of understanding yourself better and learning effective tools to nourish your mental health and performance so you can live the full and thriving life you deserve.


  • Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional
  • 13+ years experience in the field of mental health
  • Thousands of hours of experience supporting clients from diverse professions, backgrounds, and countries

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is coaching which is different from therapy. Therapy is a treatment for mental health disorders and includes discussing topics such as past trauma and treating mental health issues. Coaching, and this program specifically, involves education on some mental health topics, but is not treatment for a mental health disorder. Coaching varies because it is more action-oriented and I will be providing you with guidance and support along with educational materials, homework, and action items to help you maximize your potential so you can achieve your goals.

It all depends upon your individual needs and goals. If you’re still not sure after reviewing your options above, contact me and let me know your current struggles and goals and I can recommend the best choice for your needs. I also offer custom coaching packages.

Yes! Our work together and your decision to work with me is 100% confidential. I will only share testimonials and/or results after receiving your consent.

No, coaching is not considered healthcare, therefore it is not covered by insurance. You may be able to receive financial support from your workplace if they provide reimbursement and/or coverage for life coaching, executive coaching, or similar services. You can discuss this with your supervisor and/or Human Resources department.

I’d love to help you talk through any questions you have regarding coaching. Click here to send me a message and I will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

Not sure if coaching is what you need?

If you are more of a “do it yourself” kinda person, then you would love my self-paced program to help you cultivate calm, balance, & confidence from within as a high achieving professional.