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Hey there, it’s nice to meet you - I'm Tati

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and coach specializing in high-functioning anxiety.  I’m also a high-achiever at heart, and my drive, ambition, reliability, and my excellent ability to listen to and support others are some of my greatest strengths.  For a long time though, these strengths came at a cost.  The cost was my happiness.

Despite all of these strengths and the image of hard work and achievement I presented to others, I was struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, and intense self-criticism on the inside.  In others words, I was struggling with high-functioning anxiety.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people struggling with high-functioning anxiety

My journey

Struggling with high-functioning anxiety wasn't a sustainable way to live

I was able to push through the anxiety and self-doubt to move my way up in my career, but ultimately I reached a breaking point.  I was already well aware of the importance of tools such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques in managing anxiety and stress, but the pressure and stress I was experiencing ultimately led me to reach a point of burnout.

This was the catalyst towards my journey of entrepreneurship and deep personal development.  It was through this part of my journey that I learned how to heal from and live with my high-functioning anxiety so it no longer held me back. 

I had to learn how to finally start being kind to myself and stop putting so much unrealistic pressure on myself.  I also learned how to manage my energy rather than my time so that I was resting and caring for myself in the way I needed.  The process has been challenging, I can assure you.  But the absolute BEST part is that I realized I can be kind to myself and still be the high-achiever I am.

My freedom from high-functioning anxiety has allowed my confidence and authenticity to bloom.


My values






You can do it too.

I know there’s a better way to live rather than allowing high-functioning anxiety to consume your life, and that’s why I’m so incredibly passionate about helping you do the same.  I want you to know and truly FEEL how much you deserve to take care of your personal needs and your professional successes at the same time.

I am so passionate about the fact that living a life of balance allows you to excel in all aspects, rather than driving yourself into the ground for the “appearance of success,” while on the inside you are suffering.

If living a life of calm, balance, and clarity sounds like the kind of life you want for yourself… I invite you to work with me so I can show you the way.  Not only have I traveled this path myself, but I have helped many clients and students do the same, and maybe you can be next.

Tati Garcia


What I Love

I absolutely love helping people learn that they can stop struggling and start living a more fulfilling life.


Things That Interest Me

Psychology, mindfulness, thriller and horror books, learning new things, business, productivity and time management techniques


My Guilty Pleasure

The Vampire Diaries, I can watch that show on repeat forever


what I do for fun

Reading, hiking and being in nature, crochet and any type of creative craft, and spending time with friends and family

A Few Facts

Master of Arts degree in forensic mental health counseling

Thousands of hours of experience helping people improve their lives through therapy & coaching

More than 50,000 Calmly Coping podcast downloads

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