Hey! I'm Tati

I’m so glad you found my website!  I am a licensed counselor with a full-time private practice and I honestly gain so much fulfillment from helping others.  I am constantly in awe at the courage it takes people to seek out help and work on improving themselves.

I respect it so much more because I have been there myself.  I’ve probably experienced varying amounts of anxiety since I was a child, but I honestly had no idea what it was at the time!  It wasn’t until college when it became overwhelming that I decided to go to the counseling center and get help.

Be Calm With Tati

My Journey

For the past 10 years, I have been on a journey of self-improvement.  I love reading, writing, learning, and sometimes I can be a bit of an overachiever… I’ve had to learn the hard way how to cope with stress, slow down in life, respect my boundaries, and prioritize my needs.

And it was so worth it.  I used to make choices because I thought it was the logical next step, or because I didn’t want to make others feel bad.. and it got me nowhere.

It took me being in a job that was stressful and overwhelming and wasn’t the right fit for me to realize that I needed to change something.  Making the choice to go into private practice was life-changing for me, and I can now combine my passion for helping others along with my creativity and passion for writing and digital design.

Be Calm

Thus, this website was born.  Be Calm With Tati is the place for you if you want to create a life you love.

Coping with stress and anxiety and prioritizing yourself can be difficult endeavors.  I want to help you cut out the clutter and overwhelm so you can enjoy the amazing moments in your life every single day.

Stop living for the weekend, dreading waking up in the morning, and stop putting your needs last.

You deserve to be happy and you deserve to choose:

  • Calm over chaos
  • Self-care over burn-out
  • Mindfulness over mindlessness

Are you with me??  Start here.

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