Having High-Functioning Anxiety As A Highly Sensitive Person

Having High-Functioning Anxiety As A Highly Sensitive Person (And more of your questions answered)

It’s Q&A time! In this episode, I will be answering your submitted questions related to high-functioning anxiety, mental health, work-life balance, and more!

Here are the questions I address in this episode:

  • The connection between high-functioning anxiety and depression
  • How to cope during periods of change and transition
  • Can you relapse back into panic and anxiety if you don’t practice mindfulness regularly?
  • How to manage your energy to improve work-life balance
  • Balance vs. hustle culture when you’re an entrepreneur
  • How to cope with having high-functioning anxiety as a highly sensitive person
  • How to cope with thinking about the future and difficulty enjoying the present moment

Take the Highly Sensitive Person Test: https://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/


Calmly Coping is a self-improvement podcast for overthinkers who struggle with high-functioning anxiety to help you feel more calm, balanced, and confident.





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