The Secret To A Simple Morning Routine That Sticks

The Secret To A Simple Morning Routine That Sticks: Show Notes

Picture this: you wake up for the day feeling refreshed, step out of bed, and look at the sunlight pouring in through your window.  Instead of rushing to jump in the shower and start work, you take your time and do the things that light you up.

Some of the benefits of a morning routine include feeling more productive before your day actually starts, taking time for yourself, and focusing on important tasks first to set the tone for your day. In this episode, I’m going to discuss the secret to creating a simple morning routine that sticks- even if you have children, a busy schedule, and feel like the LAST thing you have time for is a morning routine.

In this episode you will learn:

  • 3 benefits to having a simple morning routine
  • The secret to a simple morning routine that sticks (and it doesn’t include following a formulaic recipe for your morning routine)
  • What you need to AVOID in the morning
  • 6 simple tips to start your morning routine for success


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The Secret To A Simple Morning Routine That Sticks
The Secret To A Simple Morning Routine That Sticks

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