Being Radically Content and Finding Happiness from Within

Being Radically Content and Finding Happiness from Within with Jamie Varon

In this podcast episode, I spoke with Jamie Varon, Author and Designer. We discuss Jamie’s new book, Radically Content, about how to find happiness in a world that conditions us to feel as though we need to earn our happiness.

Jamie Varon’s writing has been seen across the internet for over a decade, from her early days of personal blogging all the way to features in publications such as Teen Vogue, HuffPost, GOOD, Complex, and many more. Over the years, both her long-form essays and short-form prose have garnered millions of reads and views, using her signature style of combining personal story with universal themes. Jamie also shares her thoughts on building a life you really love with her many followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@jamievaron).

In addition to her writing, she has a long-standing career as a branding expert, course creator, and graphic designer. Jamie lives in Calabasas, California.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What “radically content” means to author Jamie as well as why she named her book about finding happiness in your everyday life.
  • How society has taught us that we need to “earn” our happiness, “earn” our relaxation, and what to do about that.
  • Achievement DOES NOT equal happiness! Nor does it determine your worth!
  • Why you don’t need permission to feel good enough or happy, you are good enough.
  • How messages in society such as “the summer body” subtly tell us we can’t enjoy life or be happy unless we have/do X.
  • How to truly enjoy the journey and celebrate the small wins.
  • How you can change your relationship with social media and use it as a positive influence.
  • What does success mean to you? Does it mean hustling hard to the point you have no one and no energy to celebrate with? Does the degree of success determine your “worth” to society? or to yourself?
  • The importance of feeling and being curious about your emotions as a tool to heal.

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