How To Use Neuroscience To Improve Your Anxiety

How To Use Neuroscience To Improve Your Anxiety with Dr. Eugene K. Choi

Dr. Eugene K. Choi, Pharm. D, is a Certified Transformational Mindset coach that helps talented, heart-driven leaders operate at their highest levels of clarity, energy and focus. With a background in clinical pharmacy, neuroscience, and business coaching, his unique science-backed process, along with the use of groundbreaking technology, helps entrepreneurs figure out how to dramatically improve performance, innovate dynamic solutions, and achieve their goals. His articles have reached over 9 million people and he has helped hundreds of leaders significantly transform their results at both a professional and personal level.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The two states that the brain operates in and how those different states impact your performance, ability to think, and more
  • How to create the optimal brain state for high performance
  • How the things we do in these states correlate to different behaviors related to anxiety
  • How to regulate your emotions and decrease anxiety using neuroscience
  • Creating a healthy relationship with yourself

… and so much more!

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