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Have you tried to cope with your anxiety on your own but it is just not working?  Maybe you have tried self-care, meditation, relaxation techniques, talking to friends, etc…  It is possible that the reason these methods have not helped is because you are only putting a band-aid on your symptoms.

You are not getting at the root of your anxiety and how it influences your life.  I have created a free anxiety toolkit to help you do just those things!

Free Anxiety Toolkit

What Is Included?

This 10 page workbook (12 if you include the cover and notes page) takes you through everything you need to know step-by step.  It is printable and fill-able so that you can customize and work through it at your own pace!

Here is an overview of the workbook steps:

1: Identify what you anxiety feels like in regards to body sensations, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

2: Notice how anxiety influences the different areas of your life: health, daily living, moods, career, and relationships.

3: Use positive self-talk to give yourself a boost and increase positive thoughts!

4: Challenge your inaccurate ways of thinking.  Anxious thoughts often result from overestimating the likelihood of bad things happening.  Learn how to change these thoughts to improve your mood!

5: Replace bad habits with healthy ones using a week-by-week calendar.

6: Identify positive coping skills to help you get through episodes of anxiety.

This workbook is full of methods to help you feel less anxious.

How Does It Work?

This workbook is based on my experience as a therapist using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  This may sound complicated, but it is a way of changing your thoughts and behaviors to improve your mood!  These methods work best when they are repeated, because that is how our brains learn and hold onto information the best.

So please, feel free to take your time with this workbook and repeat as needed!  This is not meant to be worked through in one day, or even in one week.  I repeat, take your time!

Let me know your feedback on this workbook in the comments below.  Stay posted via my newsletter for more valuable mental health and wellness freebies!


Keep in mind, this is NOT a replacement for seeing a mental health professional. Please seek the guidance of a professional if you feel you need any support or if your anxiety is impacting your life in a significant way.

Contact the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline if you need help in the United States (1-800-950-NAMI (6264)).

Contact your local or national mental health services if you are outside of the US.

Scroll down to sign up for the toolkit!


Get Your Free Anxiety Toolkit

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