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Ayurveda For Anxiety & Digestion with Lindsey Varney: Show Notes

In this episode I’m speaking with Lindsey Varney, an Ayurvedic lifestyle coach, all about how the food you eat and the awareness you bring to your daily life has an impact on your mental health. Lindsey talks about her struggles with anxiety and how this manifested in digestive issues, as well as her journey to discovering Ayurveda and whole body techniques to supplement her healing.

If you have ever struggled with digestive issues because of anxiety, or wondered how the food you eat impacts your mental health, then this episode is perfect for you!

Through her work, Lindsey helps women break through the toxic cycle of dieting by learning how to intuitively eat to better fuel their whole self leveraging the sacred practice of Ayurveda. She loves to demystify Ayurveda and share it’s everyday wisdom to help others feel their best self.

In this episode we discuss:
➡ Integrating the lifestyle rituals and self-care practices that help you feel grounded and balanced.
➡ How the seasons, your body type, physical characteristics, emotions, and other qualities are all interconnected.
➡ How you can balance these aspects with different food and self-care practices.
➡ The integration of Eastern grounded practices and whole body healing into addressing physical and mental health.
➡ Lindsey’s experience with anxiety, learning that her digestive problems were related to anxiety, and her struggles with health anxiety growing up as a result of coping with sick parents.
➡ The connection between physical symptoms (e.g., IBS, upset stomach, feeling cold) and anxiety.
➡ Caffeine and how it can make anxiety worse.
➡ Calming rituals and routines to help with anxiety.
➡ Small, actionable tips to help you make lifestyle habits that will help you start creating balance and calm in your day.
➡ The problems with Western diet culture and how that can set you up for failure.
➡ Are there good or bad foods for your mental health?
➡ The power of awareness in recognizing how foods make you feel.
➡ Ayurvedic tips to cope with anxiety.


Calmly Coping is a self-improvement podcast for overthinkers who struggle with anxiety. Calmly Coping is not about fixing you, it’s about uncovering the amazing person that is already there (and that you are just too afraid to let out).

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How To Use Ayurveda For Anxiety & Digestion Issues
Implementing Ayurveda For Digestive Issues From Anxiety

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