3 Ways Tracking My Daily Routine Has Changed My Life

Morning and evening routines have become commonplace in the online world. You watch and read about people waking up at the ass-crack of dawn, drinking their morning coffee, doing their workout, journaling, reading, etc., etc.

It’s so ordinary, but why is it so fascinating to so many people?

Because it gives you a peek into the normal habits of a person’s life. It allows you to have front row seats to things that you would never see unless they chose share them with you. And, it helps you understand what habits help them get ready for the new day upon them.

The promise of a new day is exciting. You get a fresh start every 24 hours with a new opportunity to care for yourself and be more intentional with how you spend your time.

This is my daily routine. The crisp freshness of a new day where I get to decide how I spend the time that isn’t scheduled with work.

Now let me tell you how tracking my daily routine has changed my life.

3 Ways Tracking My Daily Routine Has Changed My Life

1. It Gives Me More Time

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. But why doesn’t it feel that way? That’s because you are comparing yourself rushing around to get everything done with the people who seem like they have it all together and are endlessly productive.

Well first of all, it’s an illusion. When I was talking about those people who share their routines earlier… This is the internet. People don’t share the days where everything seems to fall apart and they are fed up and overwhelmed with life. Everybody has those days.

But, when I plan out and track my daily routine the night before and follow it the next day, I am so on point. I have more time because I am choosing how to spend my time in ways that make me feel happy and get me closer to my goals.

I had less time when I would get caught in the rabbit hole of checking Instagram or my email first thing in the morning (big mistake). When I started making choices about my life and my time, my time became more full.


2. I Feel Calmer

Did I mention that tracking my daily routine and sticking to it has helped me feel happier and calmer? I no longer feel stressed about helping other people first. I am taking the time for myself that I so desperately need as a helping professional. This helps me show up as a better therapist, family member, and friend to others.

This time helps me feel calmer and less frustrated. The fact that I use my daily routine to meditate, journal, and get my thoughts out really helps as well. Instead of carrying around the weight of my emotions, I’m finding healthy outlets so they don’t drag me down the rest of my day.


3 Ways Tracking My Daily Routine Has Changed My Life

3. I Feel More Accomplished At The End Of The Day

How do you feel after you’ve been checking your Instagram feed for 30 minutes? I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve just wasted a big chunk of time.

And I really started to hate this feeling, on top of the fact that it’s easy to compare yourself to others negatively on social media (how many followers other people have, how many likes and comments they get)… We all know that we shouldn’t compare ourselves and feel this way, but it’s only human nature.

When I scheduled out my routine and became more intentional with my time, I felt more accomplished at the end of the day. My time and attention was no longer all over the place. I ended my day knowing that I took the time and effort to take care of myself.


What Is My Routine?

My daily routine consists of the following habits: (This would be a perfect day, I don’t always get to every single one.)

Morning Habits:

Evening Habits:

You should identify a morning routine and habits that work for you. Everybody has a different schedule, priorities, and different needs.


How Do I Track My Daily Routine?

I created my own planner to track my daily routine because I couldn’t find a planner that already existed that had the things I wanted to track.

I track the schedule for my morning routine, evening routine, journal my thoughts and emotions daily, and write down 3 things I am grateful for daily.

Daily Calm Planner
This is the daily planner I created to track my routine!

Do you track your daily routine, and if so how? Let me know in the comments below!

3 Ways Tracking My Daily Routine Has Changed My Life
3 Ways Tracking My Daily Routine Has Changed My Life

Be Calm,


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