Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start A Morning Routine (And How)

Picture this: you wake up for the day feeling refreshed, step out of bed, and look at the sunlight pouring in through your window.  Instead of rushing to jump in the shower and start work, you take your time and do the things that light you up.

Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start A Morning Routine (And How)

You prepare your coffee and enjoy it while listening to the birds chirp outside.  You grab your journal and meditation cushion and take a few moments to check in with yourself and reflect.

Maybe you take care of your body by exercising, write a few hundred words in your novel, or spend the time reading your current favorite book or taking an online course.

How does this sound to you?

How does imagining this make you feel?


Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start A Morning Routine (And How)


Now Is The Perfect Time

Now is the perfect time to create a morning routine, because you may be spending more time (if not all of your time) at home.  And you probably have even more time if your commute is no longer existent!

Staying home can make it easier to let your routines and structure go out the window.

It’s tempting to want to roll out of bed in the morning and start work in your pajama pants just because you can and it’s comfortable.

But what happens when you do this?

Having space between waking up and starting your work or school day is an excellent opportunity to take time for yourself first.


Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start A Morning Routine (And How)


Quick Tips To Start Your Ideal Morning Routine

It’s simple to create a morning routine you love.  Here are my quick tips to help you get started tomorrow morning…


  1. Plan out your routine by creating a list of what you want to do during your routine.
    • What makes you feel excited?
    • What do you wish you had more time for?
    • What helps you reconnect with yourself?
  2. Prepare the night before by going to bed a little earlier, setting out your workout clothing, putting your journal next to your bed, or anything that makes your routine a little bit easier.
  3. Start gradually.  Instead of creating a 2 hour routine when you currently have no routine, start with just 15-20 minutes.  It will be easier to adjust to initially, easier to maintain in the long run, and help you get a taste for how it feels.
  4. Pay attention to the difference in your mood when you have a morning routine, and when you don’t.  Use your experience as data. Does having this routine help you feel better? Does it make you more productive at work?



Now is such a great time to start your morning routine, and you deserve it.

Wake up a little earlier and experiment with it tomorrow.

Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start A Morning Routine (And How)


Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start A Morning Routine (And How)

Be Calm,


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