Avoid Burnout By Respecting Your Energy with Kezia Luckett

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Kezia Luckett is a Positive Psychologist, three times international best-selling author of “The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self” volume 1, 2 & 3 and the creator behind two revolutionary modalities, The Energy Code and Mind Conditioning Therapy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Kezia’s experience going from burnout to helping women struggling with burnout
  • Positive psychology
  • The programming of the subconscious mind
  • The masculine and feminine energies within each of us, and how an imbalance can lead to burnout and exhaustion
  • Working with your natural feminine cycle rather than pushing yourself through
  • Stepping into a state of flow to top up your energy buckets
  • How to master your energy code

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Calmly Coping is a self-improvement podcast for overthinkers who struggle with high-functioning anxiety.  Calmly Coping is not about *fixing* you, it’s about uncovering the amazing person that is already there (and that you are just too afraid to let out).

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Avoid Burnout By Respecting Your Energy with Kezia Luckett
Avoid Burnout By Respecting Your Energy with Kezia Luckett

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