How to Manage Household Tension During Self-Isolation

While coronavirus lockdown restrictions are loosening across the country, many households are still hunkering down and trying to limit their time in public. Of course, these past few months haven’t been easy. Due to changes in work, school, and the community, you and your family may be using your home a little differently than normal. With everyone working, exercising, learning, and playing under one roof, there is bound to be some tension. Keep reading to learn how you can combat tension and avoid family conflict during this trying time.

Divide Household Chores

Solve Conflict-Provoking Problems

First, do what you can to solve issues that are continuously causing problems for you and your family members. For example, according to Martha Stewart, the division of housework is a common source of tension among households. With everyone at home, the chores may be piling up faster than you can keep up, so sit down with your family and divide up your home cleaning and maintenance tasks so everyone does their fair share. 

When everyone is stuck inside without a lot to do, battles over the TV are expected. If others in your family are hogging the TV for video games, invest in a separate gaming monitor so you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies whenever you want. Take a look at some reviews online to find a quality computer monitor that will meet the needs of your household gamers.

Get outside

Get Out of the House

Tension is bound to build with everyone cooped up inside all day. Get out of the house and get some fresh air! There are several ways to relax and exercise outside safely during the pandemic, regardless of whether you have a backyard. Our Parenting Life recommends family-friendly outdoor activities such as playing lawn games, going geocaching, heading to the beach, or getting the family out of the house for a weekend of camping. As long as you can keep your distance from others, going outside is perfectly okay.  

Spend Some Time Alone

While the quarantine is a great chance to build stronger bonds with your loved ones, it’s normal to need some alone time. According to Live Bold and Bloom, spending time alone can boost your productivity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. It gives you a chance to recharge your energy, tune into your inner voice, and sort through difficult decisions with greater clarity. 

Of course, finding solitude during quarantine may be difficult. Try getting up early in the morning before anyone else is awake to steal a few extra minutes for yourself. You could also slip away during the day for a solitary walk or close yourself into your bedroom for some meditation. Be sure to talk to your family members about your need so they can honor your boundaries.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is incredibly important, now more than ever. Taking care of your brain and body will give you the energy and mental resources you need to cope with daily stressors and avoid conflict with your household. Cook nutritious meals at home instead of ordering takeout, get your body moving with a variety of exercise types, help your mind relax with a hot bath or a quick stretching session before bed. Whatever makes you feel your best, carve out time for these activities every day! If you’re looking for more information, or simply need help in this department, pay a visit to Be Calm with Tati for incredible podcasts and blog posts!

communicate openly

Communicate Openly

Effective, open communication is the key to living in harmony with others, especially when you spend every waking minute together. It’s easy to let emotions take over during periods of conflict. Before resorting to yelling or passive-aggressive remarks, which will only aggravate tensions, take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Be direct and honest about what you need and remember to respect other’s viewpoints and opinions as well. Be a good listener yourself and let others speak their mind, and they will reciprocate. When attempting to solve conflict with your family members, a gentle, respectful approach is always best.

Spending day after day at home with the whole family will create tension in even the most harmonious households. As you and your loved ones adapt to this new normal, take steps to reduce tension and avoid conflicts that will only cause more stress. This is a great chance for your family to work out issues and come out of quarantine even stronger than before!

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How to Manage Household Tension During Self-Isolation

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