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Are you prioritizing your work over your personal life?

I’ve been there– and I know there’s a better way.

As a high achiever you have ambitious goals for yourself and your success. The downside that can come from that continued pursuit of achievement is the constant white-knuckling through your days can leave you feeling like it’s never good enough. This can result in a cycle of overworking and overachieving, along with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout from a lack of balance and self-care.

It’s not your fault– we were never taught the skills necessary to balance achievement with personal happiness. Mental health and time for your personal life is so easily put on the back-burner because you never learned any differently.

That’s exactly why I created this training– to help you learn how to take back control of your life: so you can feel calmer and more confident, and learn the tools to spend your time according to what matters most to you (no matter what your schedule is like right now).

You deserve to finally rest without the guilt, be more present in your career and for your loved ones, and stop overthinking everything.

what people are saying

Meet your instructor

I'm Tati. High-Functioning Anxiety Expert.

I’m a licensed therapist and coach specializing in high-functioning anxiety.  I’m committed to helping high-achievers stop putting themselves last so they can finally enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I have successfully overcome the challenges of high-functioning anxiety myself, and have also helped dozens of clients and students do the same so they can stop struggling and start loving their lives.

I created this training especially for you, because your needs matter and you deserve to create a joyful life.

Stop anxiety and overwhelm from running your days

Learn the proven process to create work-life balance while feeling calmer from within so you can crush your goals and enjoy your life at the same time.

(on-demand training!)

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