free 3-day course How To Calm Your Mind So You Can Finally Relax

(Even when you have a million things to do.)

Do you struggle with putting way too much pressure on yourself, have difficulty disconnecting, and feel like you can never fully relax?

This free course is perfect for you.  You will learn how to finally…

The Course Content

What you'll learn

In this 3-day mini course, I will walk you step-by-step through the process to stop stressing and START relaxing.

01. Assess

Get to the root of what’s preventing you from fully relaxing

02. Plan

Learn my RELAX framework to help you identify the best ways to relax and recharge

03. Implement

Learn how to relax intentionally so you can set yourself up for long-term success

"Your free course has brought me such great insight on myself… and I just want to personally say thank you."

"The course is going great... I felt the tension in my muscles relaxing... I'm glad this course of yours is helping out many people including myself!"


Meet your instructor

I'm Tati. High-Functioning Anxiety Expert.

I’m a licensed therapist and coach specializing in high-functioning anxiety.  I’m committed to helping high-achievers stop putting themselves last so they can finally enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I have successfully overcome the challenges of high-functioning anxiety myself, and have also helped dozens of clients and students do the same so they can stop struggling and start loving their lives.

I created this course especially for you, because your needs matter and you deserve to relax.

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