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Maintaining a state of calm & balance is a constant work in progress.

I find that it can be helpful to have additional external tools, guidance, and resources that can act as a support on your path towards calm.

The Keys To Calm

My Favorite Calming Tools

In addition to my own signature products, I have personally used and tested each of the resources on this page, because I believe it is so important to have personal experience with the tools I recommend!

Disclaimer:  This page contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend tools that I think will genuinely be of help to you.  These links support this site and allow me to continue providing you with free content!

Maintaining a state of calm is a daily practice.




Get to the root of your anxiety!

  • 10 targeted journal prompts to help you identify what triggers your anxiety and what causes you to worry so you can decrease your anxiety.
  • Gain more control over your anxiety and reactions by becoming more aware and in tune with yourself.
  • Identify what steps you can take now to cope with your anxiety.

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How To Be More Productive (without burning out)

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