My Favorite Calming Tools

Maintaining a state of calm is a constant work in progress.  The number one tool that you really need is your breath, which is available to you at all times.

However, I sometimes find that it can be helpful to have additional external tools and resources that can act as a support on your path towards calm.

I have personally used and tested each of the resources on this page, because I believe it is so important to have personal experience with the tools I recommend!

Disclaimer:  This page contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend tools that I think will genuinely be of help to you.  These links support this site and allow me to continue providing you with free content!

Resource Quick Links

Calm & Meditation

Meditation Cushion

This is the exact meditation cushion I have and I love it!  Save your back during those long (or short!) meditation sessions and invest in a meditation cushion.  Mine also doubles as a seat for when I'm eating at my coffee table. 😄

Essential Oil Diffuser

I use this every single day and it helps create a calming (well-scented) atmosphere in both my office and at home.

Everyday Essential Oil Blends

I love using essential oil blends for specific moods or purposes, and Rocky Mountain Oils are my favorite and they have many blends that smell excellent and are calming.

Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great form of physical movement for anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, and more.  Having a yoga mat is a great tool for both your body and mind.

Insight Timer Free Meditation App

This is hands-down my favorite meditation app.  It has thousands of meditations, a meditation timer, music, podcasts, a community, reviews so you know what to expect before listening to a meditation, and more.

Journaling & Organization

Moleskine Lined Notebook

You can't go wrong with a standard journal.  I love using a blank journal for getting the thoughts out of my head, venting, checking in with my mood, and planning.

Sanvello Mood-Tracking & Meditation App

This is a great mood-tracking, meditation, and goal-setting app I often recommend to my clients to help them increase awareness of their mood and learn positive coping skills.

Todoist: List & Organization App

This app saves my life.  I love making lists and this helps keep me organized and decrease stress and overwhelm.  Plus, the fact that I can have an app on my computer, tablet, and phone means that I can access it wherever I am! (And it's free!)

My Free Resources

Free Guide To Daily Calm

Download your guide to daily calm with my 5 simple steps to help you infuse calm into your everyday life.

Free Anxiety Journal Prompts

Download my 10 journal prompts to help you get to the root of your anxiety.

Free Resource Library

When you download either of the above free resources you will also gain access to my full resource library with 15+ printable PDF resources for calm. 

(Psst… you need to sign up for one of the free resources above to get the password for the library!)

Don't Forget Your Free Journal Prompts!

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