Calmly Coping is a self-improvement podcast for overthinkers with high-functioning anxiety.

I release new, bite-sized episodes every Wednesday with actionable tips to help you create more calm, balance, & confidence in your life!

Podcast topics

Anxiety Relief

As an anxiety expert, I share my top tips to help you stop overthinking so you can cope with and overcome anxiety and high-functioning anxiety.

Mindset Tips

When you change your perception, it changes everything.  I share simple and actionable mindset tips to help you feel calmer.

Balance & Self-Care

I also discuss topics such as work-life balance, productivity, time and energy management, and self-care.



“Tati’s podcasts are a breath of fresh air in my chaotic week, always providing me with specific tips for solving problems related to my mental health. I love having her encouragement at my fingertips, and you will, too!”


“I was recommended to listen to Tatiana’s podcast and I think these short podcasts are such an amazing help to anyone who feels they could do with a helping hand with their mental health! I have only listened to a few so far and I am hooked! I have implemented several of the ideas and already feel I have better control of my daily emotions. Thank you Tatiana!”


“Relatable, easy to understand & the tips are useful! I like that the episodes are short, and not overwhelming!”

Meet your Host

Hey, I'm Tati!

I’m a high-functioning anxiety coach committed to helping high-achievers overcome high-functioning anxiety and reconnect with their authentic, calm, and confident selves within.

My goal is to provide you with practical tools, guidance, and education so you can achieve your full potential by taking care of yourself first.

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Apartment Therapy
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