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Be Calm With Tati

I want to help you be calm

Hey!  My name is Tati, and as a licensed counselor in private practice, I have helped individuals just like you cope with stress and anxiety and become more calm.

In fact, I have also overcome anxiety and learned how to effectively cope with stress myself!  And I know that if I can do it, then so can you.

I wanted to take the information I provide my clients and use myself on a daily basis and put it into online resources to help more people learn the true value of relief from stress and anxiety.

I believe that every single person deserves to live a life of calm fulfillment, and I want to help you get there!

Calm And Wellness Tips

Check out my recent blog posts with mental health, wellness, and personal development tips.

Understanding And Coping With Negative Emotional Triggers

Understanding and Coping With Negative Emotional Triggers

Life is fraught with challenges, and a big part of dealing with them involves understanding the negative emotional triggers as well as learning how to deal with them. An emotional trigger is simply something or some event that causes you to experience emotional disturbance, such as fear, envy, anger, frustration,

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The 10 Best Apps For Anxiety

The 7 Best Apps For Anxiety

I have a love-hate relationship with technology. On the one hand, technology is super helpful in that we have easy access to information, communication with others, and entertainment. On the other hand, smartphone addiction is real, and if you have an unhealthy relationship with technology it can negatively affect your

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Why Is Play So Important As An Adult?

Why Is Play So Important For Adults?

Sometimes, it’s easy for me to forget about the importance of having fun.  It’s all too easy to get sucked into responsibility, financial obligations, work, being productive, and getting things done.  That’s what it means to be an adult.  I mean, the idea of thinking about play for adults is…

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