Stop living your life ruled by stress and anxiety

Overwhelm, worry, and panic do not have to be your way of life.
Learn how to feel more calm, relaxed, and mindful.

Be Calm With Tati

I want to help you be calm

Hey!  My name is Tati, and as a licensed counselor in private practice, I have helped individuals just like you cope with stress and anxiety and become more calm.

In fact, I have also overcome anxiety and learned how to effectively cope with stress myself!  And I know that if I can do it, then so can you.

I wanted to take the information I provide my clients and use myself on a daily basis and put it into online resources to help more people learn the true value of relief from stress and anxiety.

I believe that every single person deserves to live a life of calm fulfillment, and I want to help you get there!

Calm And Wellness Tips

Check out my recent blog posts with mental health, wellness, and personal development tips.

5 Ways to Improve Your Self-Care Today

In Only 10 Minutes A Day You Can Become Less Stressed: These days, self-care is a big buzzword. People acknowledge that it is important, and that we all should be doing it… But does that really happen? Or do the pressing priorities of life take precedence? Work, caring for children

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Failure is Freeing

How Failing is Necessary for Success: How many times have you failed in your life? If you are anything like me, you have failed many times, made many mistakes, and have felt like you messed up a lot. When I was younger (especially), failure felt like the end of the

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The Power of Awareness

How to Gain More Control of Your Life: Often times, people think that profound steps are required to change their lives. I believe that there is nothing profound about change or improvement. It comes about through a step-by-step process that any person can achieve if they are simply willing. The

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Be Calm With My Free Resource Library

Gain instant access to my free resource library of 15+ printable documents to help you cope with anxiety, stress, and achieve your goals of calm and wellness.

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