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Do you want my complete step-by-step process to really dig deep into the root of your anxiety?

This process is more than what journal prompts or coping skills can give you…

You will identify the real answers as to why you struggle with anxiety and what your personal triggers are.

Even if you can barely stop overthinking for 5 minutes

Coping skills are great, but it's like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound...

It’s only temporary!  And your anxiety is going to keep coming back again and again until you have a clear idea as to what is causing and triggering your anxiety.

With the help of Get To The Root Of Your Anxiety, my students have been able to...

Hey, I'm Tati!

I’m a licensed therapist and a high-functioning anxiety coach.  I help people struggling with anxiety stop overthinking and start putting their needs first so they can live a calm, fulfilling life.

Through my experience helping hundreds of clients I have found that the key to long-term progress is more than just coping skills, but about truly getting to the root of your anxiety so you can see the repeating patterns that keep you stuck in anxiety and begin choosing a different path.

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Nicoleta testimonial

I was easily able to identify the source of my anxiety.

“The workbook helped me very easily identify the source of my anxiety.  It was great when I put my finger on what triggered my anxiety.  Putting everything down on paper cleared my concerns and helped me see the right solution.  Tatiana is a great and innovative therapist for creating this specific tool for something as difficult and emotionally draining as anxiety.”

Here's what's inside
Get To The Root Of Your Anxiety...

An actionable mini course to help you get to the root of your anxiety and finally breathe a sigh of relief.

module 01

Anxiety 101: Get familiar with your anxiety including the psychology and biology beneath anxiety, along with the signs and symptoms you probably didn't even realize were anxiety! Receive an introduction on Cognitive Behavioral Techniques for anxiety.

module 02

Anxiety Coping Skills: Learn the 4 categories of coping skills along with my top 6 calming coping skills to calm your mind AND body.

module 03

Get To The Root Of Your Anxiety: This is where you dig deep into what causes AND triggers your anxiety (they're different!) along with using your behaviors as clues to your anxiety triggers. The journal prompts in this section are POWERFUL.

bonus! Anxiety Toolbox PDF

This compact guide gives you all the quick cheat sheets and resources that you need to help you effectively cope with anxiety, panic attacks, and more exactly in the moment you need them.

bonus! Challenge your anxious thoughts

A video training on the most common types of anxious thinking along with a worksheet and spreadsheet to help you start challenging your anxious thoughts TODAY with optimistic, realistic ways of thinking.

Plus one surprise bonus!

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“Not only do you get practical tips on how to manage your anxiety, but you also get educated on the science behind anxiety and its associated behaviors, which was very insightful and helpful for me!”

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If you aren’t satisfied, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money.  If you feel like you don’t get value from the material, email me any time within 14 days after your purchase and I will happily refund your payment.  Just for the record, I haven’t had one single refund request for Get To the Root Of Your Anxiety.

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