• How Easily Your Mood Is Influenced

    How Easily Your Mood Is Influenced

    The Media You Expose Yourself To Has A Huge Impact On How You Feel: Let’s think about the multitude of “inputs” we experience on a daily basis.  Music, television, social media, text messages, phone calls, books, conversations with others, etc.  Every solitary thing that you have exposed yourself to influences your mood. Do you ever […]


  • Move Your Way To Better Mental Health

    Move Your Way To Better Mental Health

    Exercise Can Decrease Anxiety and Depression: Exercise has a massive influence on mental health and well being.  Working out is more than just something to do to lose weight or get in shape.  It is something that will help you feel more productive, increase your self-esteem, and make you feel happier. With all of these […]


  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Self-Care Today

    5 Ways to Improve Your Self-Care Today

    In Only 10 Minutes A Day You Can Become Less Stressed: These days, self-care is a big buzzword. People acknowledge that it is important, and that we all should be doing it… But does that really happen? Or do the pressing priorities of life take precedence? Work, caring for children and family members, chores, running […]


  • Failure is Freeing

    Failure is Freeing

    How Failing is Necessary for Success: How many times have you failed in your life? If you are anything like me, you have failed many times, made many mistakes, and have felt like you messed up a lot. When I was younger (especially), failure felt like the end of the world. How would I ever […]


  • The Power of Awareness

    The Power of Awareness

    How to Gain More Control of Your Life: Often times, people think that profound steps are required to change their lives. I believe that there is nothing profound about change or improvement. It comes about through a step-by-step process that any person can achieve if they are simply willing. The first step of this process […]