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November 21st- 28th, 2022

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These deals are available until Monday, November 28th at 11:59PM EST.

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Thriving Under Pressure Bootcamp – $597 value for only $197!

What it is: A 4-week live group program to help you THRIVE under pressure and stress.

You can’t always control your work environment and minimize pressure, that’s why it’s essential to understand how pressure impacts your stress and anxiety levels and how to resiliently manage the pressure that comes your way so you can maximize your performance.

Who it’s for: Any high-achieving professional who is struggling with a high pressure job, career, education, and/or personal life.

In this program you will:

  • Week 1: Get to the root of your personal internal and external triggers for pressure, stress, and anxiety
  • Week 2: Create daily calming routines and pressure-busting habits to build ease from within
  • Week 3: Cultivate mental and emotional flexibility to address high-pressure situations with objectivity and grace
  • Week 4: Maximize your performance under pressure by optimizing your focus and taking confident action

What’s included:

  • 4 weekly 60-minute live training and coaching calls
  • Private pop-up community where you can ask your questions
  • Templates, workbooks, and journal prompts to help you put everything into action and cultivate long-term growth

Live program begins Tuesday, January 17th, 6PM EST

The Calm & Ambitious Community

The Calm & Ambitious Community Yearly Membership – 20% off – only $270 $216!

What it is: Join my exclusive community for high achievers with high-functioning anxiety. Learn how to become both calm and ambitious from within so you can create a life of increased calm, joy, and confidence. Get access to The Calm & Ambitious Success Path, including trainings and tools, along with a supportive community and coaching from Tati!

Who it’s for: Any high-achieving individual struggling with high-functioning anxiety.

What you will get:

Get access to my signature membership program, The Calm & Ambitious Community, for 12 months, which includes:

  • An entire catalog of 15+ high-functioning anxiety trainings to help you feel calm, balanced, and good enough from within
  • The Calm & Ambitious Success Path Course will give you the step-by-step action steps you need to feel calmer from within in your daily life
  • Join an incredible private community where you can get all of your questions answered, share your wins, and get weekly accountability to help you reach your goals!
  • 2 NEW resources every month from the following —> live workshops, book club meetings, training bundles, Q&A calls, live guided relaxation exercises, and/or guest expert presentations
  • FREE Bonus PDF: How To Say No To Others So You Can Say Yes To Yourself: The Complete Guide For People-Pleasers

Immediate access to membership after purchase

*Note: you must select the “Annual membership” option at checkout to receive the discount.


Cultivate calm, ease, and emotional resilience – Exclusive 3 course bundle – $221 now only $57 (that’s more than 75% off!)

What it is: You will get access to my two most popular courses (Get To The Root Of Your Anxiety and Crush Your Perfectionism) + my recently retired course Harness Your Emotions that is no longer available for sale publicly!

Who it’s for: Anybody struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, and difficulty managing challenging emotions who wants to learn how to get to the root of their struggles and learn actionable tools to cope with stress, anxiety, perfectionism, and challenging emotions.

How it will help you: These courses will help you understand yourself better, stop anxiety, fear, and perfectionism from holding you back, and learn the emotional intelligence skills that will help improve your daily mood, relationships, and more.


Cultivate a Calm Mind in 2023 Live Workshop – $97 value for only $17!

What it is: The new year is an excellent time to set new intentions for a fresh start ahead! After this workshop, you will walk away with a plan and intentions to make 2023 a year where you begin prioritizing yourself to positively benefit your mental health, career, family, relationships, hobbies, and more.

Who it’s for: Anybody who is ready to create a plan for a calm and fulfilling new year ahead!

What’s included:

  • Live 60-minute recorded workshop with an opportunity for Q&A and LIFETIME access to the recording
  • A goal-setting worksheet, planning spreadsheet, and other tools to help you get clarity on your goals and to help you actually follow-through on them
  • Guidance on habits, exercises, and mindset tips to help you cultivate calm and let go of overthinking throughout your year
  • BONUS: Monthly review journal prompts: a PDF workbook of guided journal prompts to help you review your goals and mental health each and every month, along with an accompanying video.
  • BONUS: Celebrate your wins free pre-recorded workshop:  When you are a high-achiever, it’s easy to forget your progress and move onto the next thing.  Learn how to celebrate your progress regularly to lay the groundwork for future growth.

Live workshop will take place Wednesday, January 4th, 6:00PM EST

*Note: This workshop and bonuses are already available for members of The Calm & Ambitious Community


The High-Functioning Anxiety Toolbox – $329 value for only $67

What it is: Learn all the basics of high-functioning anxiety so you can successfully STOP the cycle, feel calmer from within, be kinder to yourself, and start setting the healthy boundaries you deserve!

Who it’s for: Anybody who resonates as struggling with high-functioning anxiety and is looking for self-paced trainings to help you grow and feel better.

What’s included:

This toolbox includes LIFETIME access to the following trainings. Each training includes a video training of 60 minutes or less, along with an accompanying workbook with journal prompts and exercises to help you implement these changes and rewire your brain:

  • How To Stop The High-Functioning Anxiety Cycle
  • Calming Coping Skills For High-Functioning Anxiety
  • How To Decrease Anxious Thoughts & Feelings
  • How To Stop Overthinking Everything
  • How To Stop Overworking & Cope With The Guilt Of Relaxing
  • How To Set Healthy Boundaries
  • How To Practice Self-Compassion & Challenge Your Inner Critic

(Note: These are all trainings in my monthly membership community, The Calm & Ambitious Community. When you purchase this toolbox here you will receive lifetime access to the trainings.)

Available December 2nd, 2022

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